What Are Display Advertising – Google Ads?

“Display Advertising is a type of advertising that gives off a message using different types of media techniques.” (Jack Hook, jackhookdm.com).

Source: https://blumint.co/beginners-guide-google-adwords-display-advertising

What makes display advertising so important is that it’s, as Jack Hook put it, a means to send messages. More specifically, messages that will specifically be delivered to your target audience through Google’s algorithm. There are many different types of display advertisements to choose from, and I will explain each of them very briefly down below:

  • Text Ads: Text ads contain text that tries to entice the reader to click on the link provided, which should then lead them to the webpage you’re trying to get them to visit. For this type of display ad, the best way to grab the reader’s attention is to mention any ongoing promotions that your site has, while also making your ad as unique as possible. Example:
  • Image Ads: Image ads, unlike text ads, heavily rely on capturing a person’s interest with as few words as possible. These ads are most successful when the only information they have in text are current sales and the brand name. Example:
  • Video Ads: Video ads are just a little bit better at capturing the interest of the viewer than image ads. Unlike image ads, video ads can include music, narration, and actually show the product that’s being advertised in use. I’d highly recommend implementing humor into your video ads if you decide to make some for your website. Ads that are too serious run the risk of just being another annoying ad that people mute as soon as they hop on a webpage. With humor, there is a higher chance that people will pay attention to your ad for the jokes firstly, and then the product your selling secondly. Hook them with the jokes, reel them in with the product. Example:
  • Mobile Ads: Mobile ads can also be effective since most of the time people spend online is through their mobile devices. “According to IABs 2020 report, mobile advertising revenues increased by 24% between the years 2018 and 2019.” (Alvin, mobileads.com). These types of ads can appear as any of the aforementioned ones above, with the key difference being that they are created for mobile users specifically. That means that ads created for personal computers won’t translate well for people on their mobile phones, since the dimensions will be different. So when making display ads to be shown on Google, make sure that you make variations that will also suit those on mobile devices. Example:

Once you have the display ads created, it’s time to get them out there! For Google, your ads will go through the Google Display Network, which was designed to help users have their ads shown to the correct target audience. This program is very helpful because over time, it collects data on how well or poorly you ads are doing based on the click through rate. If you find that one of your Google display ads aren’t doing too well, you’ll be able to pull it from the internet to rework it in a way that may garner more interest.

That about covers the basics of what Google display ads are all about! As I say after all of my blog posts, I highly recommend that you go through the rest of my blog posts to further your understanding of the world of marketing!. If you would like more information on this specific topic though, I have posted links to other blog posts that may be helpful for you down below.

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