What is Offsite Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Offsite SEO involves actions taken off the main website in question in order to improve the ranking of said website on search engines. Unlike onsite SEO which focuses solely on actions taken within the main website, offsite SEO involves the opposite. A high ranking website will utilizes both of these at an effective level. Just how important is offsite SEO? According to this brief excerpt from moz.com, it’s pretty important:

“While we don’t know the full algorithm Google uses to rank content, data from our Search Engine Ranking Factors study show that off-site SEO-related factors likely carry more than 50% of the ranking factor weight.” (moz.com)

With offsite SEO factors carrying more than 50% of the ranking factor weight, it only emphasizes its importance. So, what are some offsite SEO tactics that you should do to increase your website’s rank?


“Building backlinks is at the heart of off-page SEO. Search engines use backlinks as indications of the linked-to content’s quality, so a site with many high value backlinks will usually rank better than an otherwise equal site with fewer backlinks.” (moz.com)

As you can see, backlinks are incredibly important when conducting offsite SEO. So, how does one go about attaining backlinks? Well, according to moz.com, there are three main methods to build backlinks; natural links, manually built links, and self-created links.

Natural links are backlinks that are built without action from the page owner. For example, if someone has stumbled upon your page and finds it useful to reference for their own blog, they may create a backlink on their webpage leading back to yours. These are nice because they can occur without any really effort on your part besides creating content that people would want to create backlinks for.

Manually built links are backlinks that the owner has had some hand in creating. The main way this method is achieved is by asking other bloggers/influencers directly to create the backlinks to your webpage. This can really help boost your webpage’s offsite SEO if the influencer creating your backlink is especially popular. This form of backlinks could also potentially lead to more natural links since more traffic would inevitably come to your webpage, meaning more people may find your content useful.

Self-created links are the last form of backlinks that can be manifested. They can be created simply by commenting on other forums, blogs, and webpages the exact link to your webpage. The hope is that someone will visit the site that you left a comment on, and then click on the backlink you left behind out of curiosity. However, this form of backlink is also the most frowned upon while not necessarily “illegal,” so be sure that the sites you’re leaving your backlinks on are okay with you doing so.

This video below goes more in depth on how to utilize backlinks:

Non-link Offsite SEO:

This method is used less as compared to backlinks, but it can still be effective if done properly. The following are examples of this form of offsite SEO from moz.com.

Social media marketing can be done by paying for advertisements on a social media platform such as Facebook. Facebook would then proceed to advertise whatever webpages you’ve selected within the budget that you have given. While this method is highly effective at reaching your targeted audience, it can also become costly.

Guest blogging refers to when you make a post on a third party website that promotes your own website. This can be achieved by reaching out to the owners of third party websites and suggesting a collaboration. They will get free effortless content on their webpage, and your website will get more exposure/traffic; it’s a win-win!

Here are two videos which will help further explain what linked/unlinked brand mentions and influencer marketing are:

“What Are Unlinked Brand Mentions?”

“Influencer Marketing for SEO”

And that about covers the basics of what offsite SEO is all about! I do highly recommend that you check out my other blog posts as they give more tips not only on the SEO processes, but other related marketing tactics as well! Below I have also attached some other related blogs that can help further your understanding of these topics.

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